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NES Classic Edition: Forget Nintendo NES, Here’s A List Of Alternatives And Where To Buy Them

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NES Classic Edition

The limited release of the NES Classic Edition is making everybody realize that the odds will not always be in our favour. Some people probably saved money for the famous game console; and dramatically failed to get one.

On the brighter side, there?s still a way to experience the classic games with or without the Nintendo NES. Apparently, there are a lot of alternatives that fans could use to satisfy their hunger for classic games.

Even more, some of these game consoles come at a cheaper price!

NES Classic Edition Alternatives

First on the list is the Retro-Bit Generations.

Among the other alternatives, Retro-Bit Generations is the closest thing players can get to the NES Classic Edition. This game console is unique, as it?s adapting the prominent pieces of the classic consoles.

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As per Tech Radar, Retro-Bit Generations lets players experience the feel of the vintage hardware, by licensing games from different game developers such as Jaleco and Capcom. The console includes over a variety of 100 titles, just like the NES Classic Edition.

Additionally, Retro-Bit Generations includes two USB controllers, which are both based on the six-button pad. Furthermore, the six-button pad was built for the Sega Mega Drive.

NES Classic Edition

Players can also try other game consoles such as the plug & play AtGames Sega Genesis Classic which has 80 built-in games. Next on the list is the Hyperkin Retron-5 which can also play the games from the NES Classic Edition.

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And of course, the Cyber Gadget Retro-Freak that could play games from other consoles such as Famicom and Sega Genesis.

Where to buy these Alternatives?

Retro-Bit Generations, Hyperkin Retron-5, and Cyber Gadget Retro-Freak can all be purchased on Amazon for the following prices:

  • Retro-Bit Generations ($42.99)
  • Hyperkin Retron-5 ($209.99)
  • Cyber Gadget Retro-Freak ($230)

On the other hand, people can purchase the AtGames Sega Genesis Classic on TechRadar for only $106.48. With all of these alternatives, there?s no reason to cry for not having to buy the NES Classic Edition.

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