NES Classic Edition: Where to Buy?

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NES Classic Edition

The NES classic edition will be released on November 11 in the United States priced at $59.99 and comes with 30 pre-installed games.

Retailer such as Amazon has announced that there are very limited supplies during the launch dates. Here are online stores and physical shops where you can buy the NES Classic edition:

List of Online Stores and Physical Shops


The company has turned off one-click purchasing to give everyone equal shot at getting one. They have also limited the NES orders to one per customer. ?Be fast because the stocks might be sold out in minutes.

Amazon will start to sell the console at 5PM EST at this link.

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NES Classic Edition

Best Buy

The retailer giant has announced when it will begin accepting online orders, and has refrained from announcing any midnight launch for the NES Classic. However Best Buy said that if you do order online, you can?t pick it up in store, which means you have to wait for it to be delivered.

If you want to buy personally from Best Buy stores near you, be sure to come early to avoid standing at the end of the line.


No preorders were announced by the video games store, but it is offering the NES Classic Edition as part of a variety of NES Bundles. The offers include choice with a second controller, with an NES retrospective book, with both the aforementioned, and with an officially licensed backpack.

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When dropping by your nearest Target store tomorrow, check the consoles section because they will also be selling NES Classic Edition. Come early because the lines may also be pretty long.

After purchasing the console, you may want to buy mat for your living room, so you won?t have to sit on the cold floor. This is because the console?s controller is only two feet in length.

You may check Nintendo?s NES Classic Edition website to find out more retailers that will sell the console.

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