NES Classic Edition Amazon in Stock: Teaser on Twitter Could Mean More Stock at Hand

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NES Classic

You can only count on online stores to give some surprising announcements and Amazon proved they can sometimes do magic. The NES Classic edition is one of the most elusive gaming platforms you can have these days. Not because it?s a retro gaming platform, but because Nintendo made only a very limited number.

Now, fans are all about checking where to pre-order or get the NES Classic edition after it was announced. Recently, online giant store Amazon teased the Nintendo platform on Twitter, saying ?NES Classic fans: we?ve got a couple exciting announcements to make in the coming week. Stay tuned for more info soon!? What could be more exciting than an added stock in their stores?

This is not to keep your hopes high, but it?s the holiday season and the possibility of stocking up the gaming platform is pretty high on the list. If it?s any consolation, reports reveal that pre-ordering of the console usually comes at high volume, only to have most of these buyers not pushing through with the payment on checkout.

When that happens, there?s usually enough stock coming in for those who truly wanted the merchandise. One of the few issues with the NES Classic stock are the scalpers who resell the platform on Amazon. Hoarders will buy them only to resell them online. Amazon, again through Twitter, addressed the issue. The post said ?Sellers on our website are allowed to sell items at any price they feel is fair. However, we do have rules sellers must follow?.

NES Classic

The NES Classic Black Market on eBay now costs over $200. Since its launching on November 10, 2016, the ?classic platform quickly disappeared on the market after hyperactive fans grabbed it before it?s gone. During launching, the NES Classic edition cost $60 bundled with 30 games exclusive for the NES. Unfortunately, you cannot download additional games other than what?s already been installed. The controller is not cordless and according to recent reviews; the cord is too short for comfort.

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