NES Classic and Famicom Mini Conquers as Nintendo Sold More Devices Than PlayStation 4

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Famicom Mini

Just like NES Classic, Nintendo?s Famicom Mini is selling out like hotcakes. The enhanced version of traditional Nintendo Entertainment System is sold out on all the major online stores. Meanwhile, it is equally difficult to get the compact version of Nintendo?s first family computer, Famicom.

The difference between supply and demand is forcing hardcore fans to buy their most loved gaming console at a higher cost. Although Nintendo has set a $60 dollar price tag, online retailers are selling it for up to $400. Reports claim that its successor is getting similar attention in Japan.

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Nintendo has released Famicom in Japan, and it is reported that the compact version is getting similar attention as the original one did.

Similar to the compact version of Nintendo NES Classic, the enhanced version of family computer comes with improved graphics, and thirty pre-loaded games like Excitebike, Pacman, Mario Bros and such. Moreover, you can connect new gaming consoles with your TV set via HDMI cable just like the NES Classic.

NES Classic Edition

According to Forbes, Nintendo has already sold more consoles than Sony sold most of its most famous PlayStation 4 in a limited period. The website claims that Nintendo has sold 262,961 Famicom Mini only in Japan since its launch. Sony sold 2,041 units in a similar time window.

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However, the company sold 19 million units of Famicom in Japan, almost impossible to achieve today. Most of the customers today are those who want to revive their ?80s experience through this smaller yet more powerful gaming console.

Although Nintendo has launched the new devices in limited quantity, the success of Famicom Mini and NES Classic indicates that the company will soon release more units of each device. So, it?s better to wait for the new batch of both devices than buy available ones at higher cost.

Original Famicom Disk System

However, the company has not released any statement regarding the supply of NES Classic or Famicom Mini. TheBitBag team will update the information as soon as more details about availability of any of these devices emerge.

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