Negan Of The Walking Dead: Villain Did Not Make Appearance In Season 6, But We Can Already Feel His Presence

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After wrapping up the first half of its sixth season last night in characteristically bloody fashion, AMC”s ?The Walking Dead? will be back in February. Among the episodes, we can already feel the ‘presence’ of iconic villain Negan — even if he did not appear in any of the episodes!

The very first mention of the notorious villain Negan, from the “Walking Dead” comics is set to join the show soon. AMC released a clip online last night that features Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. After getting jumped by a mysterious gang, they are seen driving the abandoned fuel truck Daryl found in the woods. This happens on their way back to Alexandria. The scene shows the group returning to antagonize them once more, blocking the roadway with their motorcycles. One of them demands that they turn over everything they have including their truck because “Everything belongs to Negan now,” according to moviefone.com

It indeed is a remarkably important clip to fans of the series as it unveils the arrival of the villainous Negan, a character from the graphic novels who is finally set to debut on the show in the back half of Season 6.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the lucky actor who plays the character of Negan in the series. This one surely looks like a meaty role. In Robert Kirkman?s graphic novels, Negan is a foul-mouthed leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors. In exchange for food supplies, they wield their influence by acting as ?protection? for weaker communities. Negan is a typical ?drunk on power? leader. He is seen carrying around a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he refers to as ?Lucille?. He is also the one keeping a harem of women that used to belong to his followers and one character who is responsible for at least one major death in the comics, points Collider.

Negan has a sense of justice and order in his own demented way. He hates sexual violence and is seen punishing those he views as criminals with extreme forms of corporal punishment. This raises him above simple black and white perceptions of good and evil. This surely is the kind of ambiguity that ?The Walking Dead? already excels at, quotes cinemablend.com

It looks like Negan storyline is likely to form the spine of the second half. Anxious fans will have to wait for 10 weeks more to see what Jeffrey Dean Morgan is really like in TWD.

“The Walking Dead” returns for its midseason premiere on February 14.

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