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Need For Speed Payback Gameplay Goes Burnout With Action-Oriented Focus

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Need for Speed payback gameplay trailer at ea play
Need for Speed Payback vehicle takedown gameplay [Image from NFS Payback trailer]

Need for Speed Payback gameplay has been officially revealed at EA Play 2017. Like developer Criterion’s Burnout games, the latest Need for Speed blends fast racing with plenty of grinding onto other vehicles. Slow motion vehicle takedowns with plenty of car destruction were shown in the first gameplay trailer.

Cinematic Burnout

Need for Speed Payback still has car customization and all the accompanying features from a NFS title. However, the game will allow players to take part in heists ala Fast and the Furious.

As detailed by EA, the game will allow players to take control of three different characters, each with their own playstyle. The gameplay trailer showed player switching in real time as one of the main characters stole a vehicle from a truck and the perspective immediately changed.

The first gameplay trailer showed the main characters racing in a huge highway, wrecking a multitude of vehicles to reach their target. The game is flashier than ever as Payback focuses on a more cinematic look for the series. There’s plenty of explosions and unbelievable stunts here that you would expect to see from a blockbuster movie. The presentation is also movie-like, blending plenty of cutscenes seamlessly with gameplay. Unlike last year’s Need for Speed game though, it will no longer have live action storytelling.

Need for Speed Payback releases on Novemer 10, 2017 for PS, Xbox One, and PC. The game still has open world gameplay and all the features you’d expect from NFS. The online always-online requirement has been scrapped, so players can always play whenever they want to.

Need for Speed Payback is just one of the games shown at EA Play 2017. Star Wars Battlefront 2, NBA Live 18FIFA 18, Madden 18, Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar DLC, and a new IP called A way Out were highlighted by EA. There’s more E3 2017 news coming up so make sure to check out The Bitbag.

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