Need For Speed Movie: What’s so Great and Not So Great About It

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Need For Speed Movie

Need For Speed Movie



From a gamer?s perspective, Need For Speed movie might be one of the bigger question marks on their heads. Why would a 20-year-old car racing franchise with no character driven story get a movie treatment at all? It didn?t even have any memorable ones in its long run. 2011?s The Run gave a shot in this direction, but failed at some point. ?It is hard not to think about Dreamworks trying to ride the franchise?s hype train.

But let?s try to look at it as a movie on its own without comparing or cross-referencing it with the game. Need For Speed Movie is or might be, another one of those Fast and Furious-esque clones but it is not without its merits.

One of the important factors in a decent movie is the story and this depends on the setting as well. One can safely say that Need For Speed Movie is one clich??d flick. It relied on the overused story arc of a man getting framed up for something he didn?t commit and sets vengeance on-wheels. The story and the characters are too predictable.

Aaron Paul is a good actor and that is a given, but it seems like in this movie, it seemed like his performance in the movie was nowhere near as good as what he did in Breaking Bad for some reason. It is hard to tell if it is the script?s fault or Paul just didn?t feel ?playing? the role in such levels.

There is, however, some saving grace which lifts the movie a little. One thing is its explosive action and by ?explosive?, we mean REAL EXPLOSIONS. You might not be expecting it from a movie coming from a videogame, but it never relied on CGI. Director Scott Waugh made sure that everything is real as he claimed that he did not want to lie to the audiences. This is a cool treat for viewers who love good old classic explosions without that unrealistic feel.

There are some good, sensible scenes in Need For Speed Movie as well, but these aren?t enough to completely make up or give justice to the long-running franchise. One might think how a movie called Need For Speed be so ?slow?. Word.

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