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Psycho-Pass The Movie

Psycho-Pass The Movie is about the evolution of modern security and command, where the use of surveillance and intense biological monitoring become part of tracking down potential criminals. In Japan, where a ?Sybil System? is expected to deliver peace and order, authorities are given the right to use ?Dominators? in order to terminate criminals.

When the South Eastern Asian Union (SEAUn) brought home and adapted the Sybil System, it was a major success. For a brief moment, they experienced a time when nothing could go wrong in terms of peace and security. But that peace didn?t last as the appearance of terrorists and oppositions in Japan proved that the Sybil System is actually pentratable.

The more they tried to intercept the terrorists, the clearer it became to them how the system can be cracked. In Psycho-Pass The Movie, the crisis has reached its height, and Inspector Akane Tsunemori is assigned to handle the terrorists and to make sure they suffer the consequence of their actions.

All set to deliver her task, Tsunemori finds another setback when she encounters an old ally – one who tends to break down her defenses and triggers second thoughts about the mission. According to the Anime News Network, Psycho-Pass The Movie is basically a ?Jump Movie? wherein the Sybil System sets its foot in the outer world and sees how it actually works outside its base in Japan.

Psycho-Pass The Movie is the culmination of the series being labelled as gory and action-packed. ?After the Sybil System has been cracked and most of its nature has been exposed, the movie becomes an exploitation of what?s hidden behind the corruption in society and the mastery of power.

A trailer of the Psycho-Pass The Movie can be viewed here. Have you seen the movie yet? What do you think of its whole concept?

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