?Need for Speed? World Gets Faster! New Video Game Has 17 New Cars, NFS To Feel Fresh And Different From Previous Entries, Promises Longevity, And More!

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Need for Speed reboot developers Ghost Games has just announced the new 17 cars that players will be able to use. More and more information about the game will continue to come out before NFS releases this year so expect more cars to be announced, IGN reported. The announced cars comprise of several variants of BMW, Ford, Lamborghini, Nissan, and Porsche.

Here is the list according to official NFS Twitter page:

Among the list of cars, Ghost Games seems to be touting the Toyota Supra SZ-R.

Will the cars looks like their real-life counterparts like the gorgeous life-like images shown by the developers?

Need For Speed Will Feel Fresh

NFS Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson told Videogamer that their latest game will feel fresh and won?t feel like a yearly installment. He also promises gamers that they can expect to play the game longer compared to previous NFS titles.

?I want Need for Speed to not feel like a November 3 title every year. I want it to be a game that people embrace, they keep it for longer and longer, and that?s something that Need for Speed wants to achieve because it?s not happening right now.?

The latest installment from the popular racing game will be proving DLC that introduces more content than just more car packs, Videogamer reported.

More Features

More features for a modernized feel are going to be introduced. The autolog feature will now be playing a big part in the game. It will now be given a more human voice which also narrates what happens to your friends who are playing.?Another new feature is an image sharing system which helps you earn money and progress in the game.

For these new features to be implemented however, the game now requires players to be always online and users have no option to play without an internet connection.

The devs have also revealed more customization options, detailing that you can modify your tires to suit your liking.

A strong storytelling with real-time?acting ?while you see your customized in-game vehicles was also introduced this Gamescom 2015 during EA?s press conference.

Need for Speed comes out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC this November 3.

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