Need for Speed 2015 Always Online Fails, Game Unplayable For Many Without Good Internet Connection, Sparks Controversy

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The Need for Speed reboot may be draining itself from its aim to reinvigorate fans back to the series as it requires players to be always online to play all modes of the game. The NFS reboot is shunting players without a good?and constant internet connection, causing a petition ?to spark?with over 2,000 people signed already.

Developer Ghost Games made the announcement way back in May 2015.

Need for Speed requires a constant internet connection because of the game?s reliance on social elements, Destructoid reported. The reboot?will be improving the Autolog feature and give it a bigger importance. ?This time around we?re going to give it more of a human voice,? executive producer Marcus Nilsson said. ?It will treat your friend?s play as if it is part of the narrative experience.?

The game will also be making a huge emphasis in taking pictures for people to like which in-turn nets players?money.

?So you get progression from sharing your photos. The Xbox One has really good built-in systems to make videos and stream them, which we are also going to use.?

Many Need for Speed?fans found the online only requirement?an unjustifiable tacked-on detriment. Here are some of the online only cons listed in the petition:

  • People without a decent Wi-Fi will constantly get booted from the game.
  • NFS players won?t get to enjoy a solitary experience with owning the streets for themselves with numerous players crashing into the game.
  • The game is no longer playable if the servers gets closed
  • Sales will decrease because of losing interest in the game.

A previous game by EA called Sim City was marred by disaster after it imposed players to be always online to play the game even when playing on single player mode. The media bombed the game after the online mode (which was the only way to play the game) was unplayable for them and countless other users who shelved $60 for Sim City.

According to Extremetech, the developers of Sim City?were lying that there is an always-online server requirement to play the game. They revealed that the game modes doesn?t require an internet connection and they might have opted for the feature for Digital Rights Management (DRM), a feature that helps prevent copyright infringement and piracy.

Will the NFS reboot flop like the Sim City because of its decision to pursue an online only mode?

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