Need For Speed Reboot Teasers: Awesome New Graphics, Exciting Car Line Up Details Released

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The development team from the Need For Speed reboot has released a game engine screenshot that almost looks indistinguishable from real life.

Those looking at the screenshot from afar will have a hard time knowing the real-life photo from the game. When you zoom in, you may even have to squint just to distinguish it, well unless you are a gaming veteran who can easily spot the lack of grass and a lesser draw distance in the game screenshot.

Need For Speed photo on the left side. Real Life Photo on the right side.

The photo was shared by the Need For Speed developer Ghost Games via interview from Speedhunters. The Need For Speed reboot will be using the Frostbite 3 Engine, the same engine used for Battlefield 4 and for upcoming games Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirrors Edge.

?To be able to faithfully reproduce the cars that we wanted in this title, we knew that we?d need to capture as much reference of them in their own natural habitat,? Vehicle Art Director of Ghost Games Bryn Alban told Speedhunters.

With video games striving to look more like real life, we may find more people getting fooled like this guy who operates the official Nissan USA account who mistook the PS4 exclusive Drive Club game for real life pictures, Dual Shockers reported.

Nissan Mistakes Drive Club gameplay as real life.

Nissan Mistakes Drive Club gameplay as real life.

Need For Speed Graphics upped for Vehicle Customization

The team showed how they are tailoring the cars for their upcoming game, detailing that they are upping their ante as they are introducing car customization again, a feature that has long been absent and dearly missed from the series.

?Customization is back and in a big way,? Vehicle Art Director of Ghost Games Bryn Alban told Speedhunters. ?The key to artwork is good reference. With the amount of real-world customization that we are taking on board this time around, good reference was going to be more important than ever.?

Need For Speed

Need For Speed Car Lineup

Alban said they are aiming to entice more gamers to jump on the Need For Speed reboot by offering a car lineup similar from Need For Speed Underground, Carbon, and Most Wanted.

?This time we decided to try and cater for several types of Need for Speed gamers: those that enjoyed the days of Underground, the more recent players who have enjoyed Hot Pursuit or Rivals, and even those players that casually pick up a box from a shelf and just want to have a fun driving experience,? Alban said.

Need For Speed will be released on November 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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