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Need For Speed 2017 Release Window Announced By EA; Customization Returns, Always-Online Requirement Scrapped

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Need for Speed 2017
Source: Need for Speed Official E3 Trailer PC, PS4, Xbox One video

Gearheads and car enthusiasts rejoiced as developer Ghost Games recently confirmed key details for the Need For Speed 2017 game. EA also announced that they’re targeting to launch the new Need for Speed game sometime before 2017 ends. As for its features, customization will be better and the always-online requirement is gone in this upcoming Need For Speed entry.

End of The Year Release

As announced in EA’s earnings report, Need For Speed 2017 will launch in Q3 of EA’s financial year. This will be sometime between October to December 2017. EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also set to launch in Q3.

Ghost Games Confirms Next Game

As seen on the official Need for Speed site, Ghost Games talked about the upcoming entry’s details. Deeper information about its gameplay systems weren’t discussed in the post, but they gave some ideas on what players can expect.

More Customization

One of Need For Speed’s lauded features is its car customization system. Avid racing enthusiasts are not content with simple car part customization as they also want to adjust particular part alignments and measurements. However, Ghost Games’ announcement only vaguely mentions that they’re improving the customization system.

The previous game allowed players to adjust the wheel’s dimensions and the car’s ground clearance, which was highly appreciated by many experienced players. Ghost Games Need For Speed 2015 entry covered many advanced and intensive customization features already. Potentially, the upcoming Need for Speed 2017 game could just go deeper and more particular in its customization features.

Offline Play Is A-Ok

Ghost Games also confirmed that its always-online requirement to play the 2015 Need For Speed game will not return this year’s entry. The Need For Speed 2015 from Ghost Games had this feature, which assured players can meet other players online and could race with them whenever they want. This requirement was also done to balance its systems as game progression was tied to its online aspects.

However, the always-online feature annoyed many players as an online connection is a must even if they’re just going to play single-player missions. Many reviewers roasted the game solely because of this feature and discouraged players to buy it if they don’t have internet access. Ghost Games must have learned from their mistake.

Other Changes

A new police AI is also confirmed in this entry. Cops can now interrupt races to catch the drivers. Previously, the Need For Speed 2015 had the usual wanted level system where the police would only patrol around and chase players if they keep causing trouble. For now, we’ll just have to wait for its release this year to see Ghost Games’ improvements for the Need For Speed series.

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