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Need For Speed 2017 Possibly Las Vegas-Bound

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Need for Speed 2017
Source: Need for Speed No Limits Official Trailer video

The official Need For Speed Twitter posted a bright white picture with nothing discernible. However, fiddling with the image shows a view reminiscent of Las Vegas. Since the tweet, the next Need For Speed 2017 is largely speculated to be set in this location.

Smoky Post

As seen on the Need For Speed Twitter, they’ve posted a picture captioned with “Let’s get this party started shall we?” At first glance, it’s hard to understand what this post means due to the vagueness of the text as well as its accompanying photo.

Twitter User Yan2295 ran the picture to on an image altering program and a city could be found behind the smoke/clouds. Fans speculate that Need For Speed 2017’s setting will be in Las Vegas because of one landmark found on the image. The tower on the image’s lower right could be the Stratosphere Tower found in Las Vegas. However, the post hasn’t explicitly stated any information on their reveal and might just be hyping up fans.

Las Vegas is A Good Setting

Great scenery is assured if Need For Speed 2017 is really set in Las Vegas. Bright lights and defined infrastructure in Las Vegas will definitely be a treat for Need For Speed fans. However, fans will have to know how much of Las Vegas territory will Need For Speed cover unless they’ll have to face repetitive sights.

More than scenery, Need For Speed fans need to know if the road routes are good in Las Vegas. Due to Las Vegas being a large city, street races aren’t going to be a problem. Mountain range roads might be impossible for those players wanting some drift focused races. However, Las Vegas has the Mojave Desert, which could potentially be the substitute for those mountain roads.

The previous Need For Speed 2015 covered both street racing and highway drifting on different parts of its world map. Fans would definitely want a good road to race on their highly customized cars.

Release Date

Currently, EA and Ghost Games have yet to announce the release date for Need For Speed 2017. The main Need For Speed site said that they’ll release more details on this year’s EA Play this June 10 to 12. Moreover, EA also has E3 2017 to discuss more Need For Speed 2017 details. For now, we can hold on the hope for a Las Vegas setting and other important Need For Speed information to be confirmed next month.

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