Need a quieter mattress for a more peaceful sleep or for your intimate time?

This silence memory foam mattress is a must-have for your bedtime

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Buying a mattress is one of the most important purchases you’ll have to make for your home because quality and restful sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing. While you need your mattress to be comfortable and supportive, not all mattresses are created the same and not all can meet your specific needs.
If you are a light sleeper who easily wakes up in the slightest noise or you and your partner are an active couple, you’ll most likely need a mattress quiet enough for your activity and sleep. The good news is, Avenco has got exactly what you’re looking for.

Avenco’s Silence Memory Foam Mattress is specifically designed to help you embrace the kind of sleep you deserve. Constructed with “silence-space” structure, it eliminates not only noise but also odor with its bamboo charcoal material.

This silence memory foam mattress also has other features you’ll love. For one, it has a jacquard craft that makes the surface look modern and elegant. It’s constructed with 4 layer silence-space foam system and a cooling system that allows airflow through all areas sweating. It also uses a memory foam that has more sink and conforms to the body, and therefore less bounce, or rebound. And if you’re someone who wants the feeling of being constantly hugged, this mattress will suit you best!

Highlighted features:
Skin-friendly and breathable
Has temperature control features
Can fully conform to your body
CertiPUR-US foam control

The quality of your sleep is something no one should ever compromise. With Avenco’s silence mattress, you can rest assured that your sleep is in good hands. It has no harmful substances, is made to be fireproof, and is incorporated with the latest sleep technology.

Improve the quality of your sleep and get the kind of rest you’ve always needed. Embrace restful and relaxing nights, as well as happier and energized mornings with this silence memory foam mattress from Avenco.
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