February Sales For Gaming Platforms: 3DS is Still King, Wii U Still Has Tight Grip, PSVita Gathers Dust

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Wii U 3DS PSVita

Wii U 3DS PSVita

Just a few days ago, we mentioned in this article that Nintendo Wii U?s fate has already been sealed based on Nintendo?s obvious action. People might have thought that Wii U is totally doomed at this rate, but to our surprise, it made its second wind this February which is evident with NPD.US sales data.

Wii U is back in the game? At some point, yes, though it still hangs by a thread at some point and keeping this pace is very much needed. The reason behind this comeback relied greatly on the release of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze which was followed by its next-gen sequel Donkey Kong Country Returns. The game alone sold over 130,000 copies both in download and physical form and it took number 4 in the best-selling SKU in the month of February. It made a whopping 180% increased sale and this is something for the Wii U.

Along with these head ?turning figures are 3DS?s sales report, which also had an increased sale of 25% and this is also all thanks to Bravely Default, a JRPG for Nintendo 3DS. It generated 200,000 SKU sales in the span of three weeks that it was around.

According to VGChartz, Wii U already had 5.8 million units sold in its lifetime and compared to Xbox One that made 3.9 million, it is still faring quite a bit well. PlayStation 4, unsurprisingly, leads the console battle by 6.9 million units.

In handheld category, there are only two contenders and 3DS is the clear winner with having 43.4 million units sold by now. Sony?s PSVita, however, only sold 7.7 million.

It might be not too late for the Wii U just yet and we can see that if Nintendo play their cards right, a tie-up with their Quality Of Life platform along with Wii U might even take place in the future which is probably good news for Nintendo aficionados.

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