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NCIS Season 14 Updates: Changes In Plot, Cast, Style To Expect As Premiere Nears

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Expect a lot of changes from NCIS Season 14 when it releases this fall. The police procedural drama is reportedly focusing on a lighter, yet still explosive plot as its gets its way back to its roots with three new casts to join the show.

One of the most apparent changes is the absence of Special Agent Anthony ?Tony? DiNozzo. It was confirmed that the character which is played by actor Michael Weatherly will no longer be part of the upcoming season. However, he assured loyal viewers that by any chance a guest appearance will be offered to him, he is willing to take it.

Following the heartbreaking news, it was reported that three new agents are bound to replace him. During the series’ third season, Duane Henry already appeared as Clayton Reeves and Jennifer Esposito as Alex Quinn. Wilmer Valderrama will also join the cast to play field agent Nick Torres. Valderrama and Esposito were confirmed as series regulars.

Fans will be delighted to know that the upcoming season brings back all the mystery and fun that it may had missed out during NCIS season 13. There will be some hilarious moments despite not having DiNozzo around.

The show is also set to expand to more dangerous territories, and there will be more gunfights. Valderrama recently hinted that that there will be more bursts and that his character will be instantly tasked to chase criminals. He revealed that during the fifth day of their shoot, there were a number of explosions and agent Torres had shot a guy off of a motorcycle already. He also added that his character is crazy.

Other exciting things to expect are deep, mysterious crimes that the producers supposedly wanted. It was confirmed in the San Diego Comic-Con that season 14 will see the cast into more perilous places.

NCIS Season 14 will debut on Sept. 20. at 8 p.m. EST. on CBS. Stay tuned for more NCIS Season 14 updates.


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