NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Tony And Ziva?s Child To Be The Highlight Of Show

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While everyone awaits for the forthcoming NCIS Season 14, several reports have been circulating about the possible plot and highlights of the series especially for Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, characters whose actors have already left the show but may get the chance to live on in NCIS Season 14. Here?s what we have gotten so far.

According to a report of Christian Times, it is speculated that the 14th installment of the TV series might revolve around the daughter of DiNozzo, portrayed by Michael Weatherly, and Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo. It must be noted that the previous season capped off with Tali, the child of Tony and Ziva, being shown in the series for the first time.

In this regard, rumor has it that the upcoming show might be picking up where it left off by continuing the story of Ziva and Tony. This is despite the non-appearance of the two in the police procedural series. Tali is the expected twist of the storyline. The daughter of the two lead characters will be surviving the tragic attack at the farmhouse of the Ziva family.

Should the speculations about Tali being the highlight of the series pull through, it should be noted that it doesn?t mean Tony and Ziva will be downgraded as secondary characters only. According to reports, Tali might just be an avenue for the production team to make clear of several confusing and unresolved scenes surrounding the supposed death of Ziva and getting more information about Tony.

We have previously reported that Tony has left the long-time running TV series. However, his presence might be physically absent in the new installment but he will still be there as a fictional character. Meanwhile, it is also interesting to see the progress on the investigation of Ziva?s death. No evidence has been seen so far.

It should be remembered that the season 13 finale was a shock not just by the fans but even Tony after meeting his daughter. This caused the main character a bit of surprise. While the father and child were having catch up with their lives, Tony opened up a picture of him with Ziva. The child then pointed out to the image and said ?ima.? Ima means mother.

On the other hand, showrunner Gary Glasberg has revealed how eager he is to move forward with NCIS Season 14. He is attempting to regain the show?s reputation as mystery-filled story.

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