NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Tony Dinozzo Is Back!

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CBS? 14th season of NCIS is still ongoing and it just aired its seventh episode. Amidst several cancellation rumors, it seems the show has made a huge move of bringing back Tony DiNozzo in the show. Can he bring the ratings back up?

It can be recalled that DiNozzo has been gone for quite some time already. The reason is because Michael Weatherly, the actor playing the role, is on another show called Bull. As a result, there are speculations that he would not come back to the show unless CBS would do a crossover.

In the storyline of NCIS, DiNozzo is in Paris with his daughter. While back home, his apartment is now up for grabs, which would suggest that the character would indeed never return. Although it is true that Tony DiNozzo is back in the latest episode, it was not Weatherly?s character. It is Tony DiNozzo?s old man, Tony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner).

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Tony Sr. was bribed by NCIS agents for the apartment. They did everything they can to get DiNozzo to offer them the place. At the end of the episode, Tony Sr. did offer the apartment and it is to Agent Nick Torres. But Torres was not ready to settle down so he gave the space to Agent Timothy McGee, who is expected to start a life with his future wife Delilah Fielding.

Meanwhile, there are two different interpretations of these events in NCIS season 14. According to some claims, the appearance of Tony Sr. is an indication that Weatherly?s character is going to return in the show some time soon. Should that be the case, then it is safe to say that he would also be present in the 15th season of NCIS.

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The other interpretation states that because Tony Jr.?s apartment belongs to Agent McGee now, he would never really come back. There are even claims that the showrunners are already starting to eliminate all possible reasons for DiNozzo to return.

On a good note, the production team of the show has not confirmed any of these speculations yet. For now, just be glad that a DiNozzo appeared in the recent episode of NCIS season 14. Hopefully, it would be Weatherly?s character to appear next. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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