?NCIS? Season 14 Premiere: Michael Weatherly Returning? Rumors You Can’t Ignore Persist

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NCIS Season 14 Premiere
NCIS Season 14 Premiere

NCIS Season 14 premiere spoilers give us a sneak peek of what may be the comeback of beloved cast member Michael Weatherly to the show. Well, maybe not permanently, but it’s a start!

Weatherly took to Twitter and fans were delighted of the leaked photos he posted from Season 14. Apparently, Abby is on a case outside the lab. Whether or not McGee is going to get that promotion is still a big question mark.

This season will find Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his gang working on a mind-boggling case. Later it will be revealed that a car explosion is connected to NCIS Special Agent Nicholas Torres.

Wilmer Valderrama’s character, on the other hand, will be the newest addition to the story. Abby is actively working on the field (enough of those smack gowns, finally!). Special Agent Alexandra Quinn played by Jennifer Esposito receives a special assignment from Gibbs to lead the team in the case.

Fans are equally excited about the idea of Tim McGee finally getting his well deserved promotion this upcoming season. There is no confirmation yet but McGee’s character is one of those whose next in line to Weatherly’s position. But now that Weatherly’s gone (or is he really?), it might be a breathe of fresh air to see the character depart from always being the sidekick.

Jimmy Palmer also needs a major overhaul. He’s been around since the first season. It’s about time his character become more than just Ducky’s assistant or an icebreaker to the show. Season 14 will hopefully allow his character to grow.

Why the Rumors Won’t Quit

Recent reports claim that Gibbs will be sharing the small screen with veteran actor Robert Wagner. His son may be out of sight, but DiNozzo Senior is still very much around!

Wagner’s return actually sparked rumors that his character’s son will eventually resurfaced. Who wouldn’t want fan fave Michael Weatherly

back in the scene, anyway? The actor is open to the idea. Unfortunately, he’s super busy with his new CBS show Bull.

Nevertheless, fans must never lose hope! Remember, the show exists because of YOU! So create enough hype and perhaps Weatherly will be back before you know it!

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