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NCIS Season 14 Update: Show Killing Off Mark Harmon’s Character In Season Finale? Here’s What We Know So Far

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NCIS Season 14

NCIS Season 14 is two episodes away from its finale. While some fans are sad to see the show take a long break once more, others are more worried that it will be the last time they’ll see Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Will Mark Harmon’s character still be around come Season 15? All the details here!

Mark Harmon Health Rumors: Too Sick to Continue?

Rumors about Harmon exiting the show has circulated for months now. Speculations have started surfacing when fans noticed the actor looking rather ill in the past NCIS Season 14 episodes. Many fans came forth to petition for the 65-year-old star to take a break and get some much-deserved break to no avail. The fact that he did not address nor deny the rumors surrounding his health has only fueled the speculations more.

We can recall these events are very similar to what happened before Miguel Ferrer‘s passing. It started off with fans noticing his weak appearance and slurred speech in NCIS Los Angeles. Just like Harmon, the late actor was bombarded with rumors too about his deteriorating health and fans got no confirmation of the claims until his ultimate passing earlier this year. He was written off the show midseason after battling cancer.

Of course, everyone hopes that there is no truth to Harmon’s health rumors and that it’s just pure coincidence. But as the current NCIS season nears its conclusion, some followers can’t help but worry about Gibbs’ fate in the show, specifically that he may be killed off soon as well. It’s no secret that season finales have explosive revelations where the next season would pick up. In Season 13’s case, we’ve seen the departure of Michael Weatherly’s Anthony DiNozzo.

Could it be that the show is following the same pattern this season, saving Harmon’s exit Season 14’s finale?

Harmons’ NCIS Exit: Here’s What We Know!

We cannot really know for sure what the show plans for the Episode 22. But it’s worth noting that Harmon is also an executive producer of the series and he’s tied to it for two years, per his last contract. This somehow confirms his return as special agent Jethro Leroy Gibbs for Season 15 which CBS has already renewed.

As far as his health is concerned, the actor pays adequate attention to his health, according to Men’s Fitness. Although he admitted not doing the same thing he did when he was 24, Harmon said health still is a big deal for him today.

“When you’re 18 to 22, you’re never out of shape. Training is what you do, it’s what you wake up in the morning doing and go to bed at night thinking about, and that’s your job, so to speak. I don’t know that that has changed for me. The job I have, whether it’s this job or some other job, I’m usually aware of that. It’s every bit as much about the physical as it is about anything mental. I try to take care of myself and try to eat well and try to get [my] rest. I don’t do the same stuff I was doing when I was 24 years old.”

He told the publication he takes good care of himself by doing Pilates, eating well, and getting some rest whenever possible.

Benedict Cumberbatch to join cast?

Whether or not he’ll depart from the show, fans can only keep their fingers crossed and wait for the Season 14 finale. If the show does kill his character, rumors point Benedict Cumberbatch and Cote de Pablo to take on the lead roles. Weatherly is rumored to make a comeback too, but the show has yet to confirm the matter.

NCIS Season 14 is currently on a one-week hiatus. The last two episodes,  “One Book, Two Covers” and  “Beastmaster” will air on CBS in April 18 and May 2, respectively.

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