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NCIS Season 14 Makes Way for New Arrivals, Who Will Take Tony DiNozzo?s Seat?

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NCIS Season 14
NCIS Season 14

NCIS Season 14 is coming out soon and fans are all too excited to see additions of new actors that will make up the cast. Fans are looking forward to know who will replace Michael Weatherly?s character as Tony DiNozzo. Avid viewers have embraced and loved the role, thus choosing the best character to take his seat is undoubtedly essential.

It was earlier stated that DiNozzo found a deeply-rooted reason to leave the team. His exit from the show could make way for new characters like MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, who will be played by Duane Henry.

NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), on the other hand, is teased to take the empty desk that DiNozzo has left since he decided to be a daddy. Speculations claim that that DiNozzo?s farewell could also make way for Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) instructor NCIS Special Agent Alex Quinn. The character is played by Jennifer Esposito.

DiNozzo?s leaving was heartbreaking for fans because many have found his sense of humor appealing. It served as a breath of fresh air to the otherwise heavy content of the CBS drama series.

Aside from looking to see who will sit next at DiNozzo?s desk, viewers also anticipate how the lives of the remaining characters will continue in NCIS Season 14. During the final episode of NCIS Season 13, a bombing of David?s farmhouse in Israel had occurred. It was revealed that Ziva, unfortunately, got killed due to the incident.

But even though Ziva?s death had to happen, she was able to leave an unexpected surprise for Tony: a cute girl named Tali. The upcoming episode of NCIS could also see how Tony?s life will change forever with Tali being part of his life now. Viewers have learned that he is most likely the girl?s biological father.

Tony then got to thinking about how his life is going to be with Tali. That then leads to DiNozzo?s sad goodbye.

It has been reported that the reason why Weatherly?s character had to leave is because he had to focus on his new show, Bull. His new project requires him to spend more time in a suit.

Despite the disheartening event, it could not stop NCIS Season 14 from returning on September 20, Tuesday at 8 p.m., on CBS.

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