NCIS Season 14 Finale Spoilers: Season 15 To Be Last Season Of Series

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The long time-running series NCIS is on its 14th season this year. However, with the continuing decline of its rating, there are some speculations that the upcoming finale of season 14 is going to end the series for good.

Before 2016 ends, season 14?s finale will air on CBS. It has already been announced that the show will be renewed for another season. But, there are rumors that the show will finally close its curtains next year with several reasons being cited.

First of all, is of course, the decline on ratings. The drama series? number of viewers have been going down ever since the start of this season. As a result, some loyal fans are starting to worry that CBS might actually cancel their favorite TV show. If not the 14th season, then the 15th could be the series? finale.

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Another thing that could be the reason why NCIS season 14 finale is going to end the series is the departure of Michael Weatherly. He played the role of Sr. Agent Tony DiNozzo since the first season until the 13th. Although there are speculations that he might make a comeback to the show some time soon, still, some critics believe that the decline of the show?s ratings is due to his absence.

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Lastly, if ever Weatherly will really return, another character might take a step away from the show and it is no other than Mark Harmon, who is playing the lead role Jethro Gibbs. According to reports, there are concerns on the actor?s health which is the reason why he has to rest for a long time. If he would also leave the show, it is somehow obvious that the show will really end soon.

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As early as now, there are already theories on how Harmon would exit the show. There are some who believes that he will be killed by a criminal. There are also those who think that he will have a disease that will lead to his death. Neither of these predictions are confirmed by the showrunners so perhaps we should just wait for an official announcement.

How about you? Do you think NCIS season 14 is really going to be the last installment of the series? Or, will it run for another season or two? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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