NCIS Season 14 Cancellation Update: Benedict Cumberbatch to Join Cast?

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NCIS Season 14

Apparently, NCIS LA is facing a lot of issues at the present time. In addition, millions of fans were shocked when they learned about the news regarding NCIS Season 14 that is making its rounds on the world wide web. According to recent reports, Michael Weatherly has canceled his plans regarding his return when he learned that Mark Harmon is quitting the show as well.

Rumors Envelop NCIS Season 14

In addition to quitting actors, recent rumors suggest that the Season 14 of the show will soon be canceled after it was revealed that Harmon is going to cease filming for the popular TV series. In addition, reports suggest that Weatherly?s departure from the show had significant effects.

Harmon Quitting NCIS Season 14 Due To Illness?

According to reports, NCIS? actor Mark Harmon is currently experiencing a serious illness. As a result, he was forced to stop from filming for the show as what his doctor strongly suggested. As a matter of fact, informants stated that the actor has been losing so much weight lately which made his fans deeply concerned.

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NCIS Season 14

In addition to Harmon?s critical condition due to the deadly disease, the overall rating of the show is plummeting since Weatherly?s departure from the show. As a result, rumors regarding NCIS Season 14 being canceled has made its way around the internet.

On the other hand, Mark Harmon nor Michael Weatherly has confirmed anything at the present time. Hence, NCIS fans should take this information with a grain of salt until official announcements come in.

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Weatherly Coming Back?

Fortunately, there?s a little bright side to the show. Apparently, reports from GamenGuide suggest that Weatherly?s return to the show is confirmed. Sources have stated that his return to the show as Charlie Valentine is essential especially with the departure of the Freaky Friday actor.

In addition to Weatherly, NCIS fans are also requesting the return of Cote de Pablo. Pablo portrays the role of Ziva David. In addition, rumors of Benedict Cumberbatch joining the show is also making its rounds on the internet. According to reports, the studio thought Cumberbatch appearing on the show could save the ratings.

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