NCIS Season 14: Anthony Dinozzo?s Back? Mark Harmon Leaving Show For New Movie?

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NCIS Season 14
NCIS Season 14

Some pretty alarming NCIS Season 14 news have been making big waves on the Internet the past few days. Some good, and some bad.

Most of the news revolve around two big actors. These actors are: Michael Weatherly, and Mark Harmon. One is set to join the show, while the other is rumored to leave. Join us as we analyze NCIS Season 14?s fate.

The Return on Anthony DiNozzo

At first glance the news of Anthony DiNozzo making a return on NCIS Season 14 is great for fans all over the world. However, the reason for his return is a whole different story.

It appears the show?s ratings have been taking a dip. So much so that it?s future running on air is already being questioned.

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Inevitably, the show?s team needs to come up with something to help bring ratings up again. The solution? Bring back Anthony DiNozzo.

It is believed that the move to bring DiNozzo back is an attempt to bring ratings back up. NCIS is bringing back Michael Weatherly on the show to reprise DiNozzo?s role.


Mark Harmon Is Quitting

One of the prevalent reasons fueling the rumor of NCIS getting cancelled is the rumor of Mark Harmon leaving the show. It is speculated that Mark Harmon will be pursuing other projects beyond NCIS.

Some reports believe that the rumors of Mark Harmon leaving have made the show?s ratings problem even worse. The logic behind this is well grounded though, considering how the show will take a massive blow to its ratings if Harmon leaves.

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Although the rumor of Harmon leaving hasn?t been confirmed yet, it certainly is gaining traction. It?s not impossible but with the news of DiNozzo returning, it certainly is becoming more plausible now.

If the show is going to lose Harmon at a time when ratings are pretty bad, they?d be forced to make a drastic decision that would bump up ratings immediately. ?A decision such as bringing DiNozzo back.

Although things may not be looking good for NCIS Season 14, the show has been running on air for a pretty long time now. It probably still has a few tricks up its sleeves to keep it afloat.

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