NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Spoilers and Update: Glasnost Review; Callen?s Past Revealed

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8
NCIS Los Angeles Season 8

NCIS Los Angeles season 8 episode 9 will slowly make you understand a little bit more about Callen. Perhaps he’s keeping a lot of things secret because he doesn’t want anybody to know about his family drama.

First off, he and his dad finally got back together in the previous episode titled ?Glasnost?. Callen lost contact with his dad Garrison from the time he stepped out of Russia. This left Callen wondering why on earth would his dad be in the States for lord knows how long and not let him know about it. Garrison said he was in the country only because he wanted to keep Katerina safe. The mission is too sensitive. They needed her so they could finally get hold of Pavel Volkoff.

And the Reveals Keep on Coming

Most people have known Callen as this lonesome human being. The last episode destroyed that image and looks like the plot in the recurring episodes will keep it this way. Callen also finds out that he has a sister. Her name is Alex. Alex is the product of Garrison and Katerina’s love affair while the former was still the latter?s handler in the CIA. Now, it’s for us to find out how he’s going to deal with this new and interesting aspect of his life.

Meanwhile, Kensi seems to be doing good in rehab. Looks like soon she’ll be strong enough to come home and pick things where they left off. Plus, Arkady is back. There’s no dull moment whenever he’s with the gang and they genuinely enjoy working with him. There are also speculations going around that episode 10 will show Nell infiltrating prison to get some intel about the leak in the department. Tune in and find out more when season 8 episode 10 airs on November 27 at 8/7c on CBS. Watch their heart-stopping video for the upcoming episode.

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