NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8, Episode 11 Spoilers: Team Sets to Hunt for Missing Officer, Kensi Rejoins in Christmas Special

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Returning after two weeks, NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8, Episode 11 spoilers revealed that the team sets out to find a missing-in-action Naval officer. The hunt happens while the team celebrates Christmas at the same time.

On Sunday’s episode called “Tidings We Bring”, the team searches for Navy Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Morgan. They need to investigate the lieutenant’s case after she disappeared while on duty.

The sneak peak on CBS tells that Sam (LL Cool J) will pair up with Anna (Bar Paly) for the case. Meanwhile Callen (Chris O’Donnell) partners with Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen). Her disappearance drives the team to ensure her safety and to uncover the reason behind it.

Before Morgan’s disappearance, she was working with NSA for foreign cyber threat investigation. The episode also features the team’s celebration of the holiday. Many viewers are eager for another proposal from Deeks to Blye (Daniela Ruah).


NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 11 Spoilers: Kensi is Back in Action

After being temporarily disabled from a mission in Syria, Kensi gets well and is back for the eighth episode. Fans can expect for a romantic bonding between Deeks and Blye since she is now in a good condition.

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However, Kensi still needs to fully recover before going back in action. This is as Hetty (Linda Hunt) insisted which brought frustration to the agent.

With Hetty being mentioned, the boss might resign from her post since the spy identity within her team is not yet revealed. Her resignation might be done since the deadline they were given is near.

In the “Tidings We Bring”, the team now has two complicated and mysterious cases. The other one needs to be solved in a limited time set by the Navy secretary.

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The special eighth episode will air this Sunday, December 18 on CBS. This is directed by Jonathan Frakes and written by Erin Broadhurst. Stay tuned on TheBitBag for more NCIS: Season 8, Episode 11 spoilers, updates and recaps.

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