NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Cancellation Rumors; Miguel Ferrer Health Updates, Daniela Ruah To Exit The Show?

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 cancellation rumors are never-ending. The speculations are fuelled by the talks that one of the characters will face a potential exit from NCIS Los Angeles Season 8. Miguel Ferrer or Daniela Ruah might just say goodbye soon and it seems the show can?t go on without them.

Miguel Ferrer health issues remain to be a hot topic. Ruah, on the other hand, was on a maternity break. It seems she is not yet physically ready to do some action scenes.

Rumor has it that Ruah will be out of the show for good. She just gave birth to her daughter in September. Fans are worried that her character, Kensi Blye, is no longer returning.

Daniela Ruah Returns

Daniela Ruah took to Instagram to assure fans that she will definitely return on NCIS Los Angeles Season 8. This is contrary to previous reports that her character will not be back on the series. However, Blye will most likely not return to the field with her partner Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen).

Oficial first day back –#Kensi #ncisla Oficialmente de regresso

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Some are quick to speculate that the reason why she is not returning to the field is because she is bound to exit the show anyway. So her comeback to the show might only be for a very short period of time. It is speculated that the only reason she is back on the set is to shoot the scene where she will say goodbye. It is further speculated that her exit from NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 might lead to the show?s cancellation.

Miguel Ferrer Health Issues

Meanwhile, rumors about Ferrer?s deteriorating health started when NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 viewers noticed a sudden change in his voice. The actor is also noticeably thinner. Reports claim that Ferrer suffered a stroke and it affected his health condition.

Other media reports claim that Ferrer?s health condition is actually more serious than the majority think it is. Rumor has it that the actor is battling cancer. Some fans think the news is realistic since both of his parents died from cancer. Ferrer is yet to comment about the issue.

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