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NCIS Los Angeles 8×11 Spoilers: Miguel Ferrer’s Last Episode?

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NCIS Los Angeles Spoilers

NCIS Los Angeles has proven to be an extremely popular show much like the original NCIS series. With so many fans tuning into each episode, NCIS LA has become a regular habit to its fans. Certainly, countless fans are constantly searching for whatever NCIS Los Angeles spoilers they can. One juicy spoiler, which has surfaced, is Miguel Ferrer could bid farewell in the upcoming episodes.

Just a little bit of warning though, there may be some major NCIS Los Angeles spoilers below, so be sure to proceed at your own risk.

Owen Granger, who is played by Miguel Ferrer, is certainly one of the major characters in NCIS Los Angeles. The show, which is already in its eighth season, has always had Ferrer on its cast of characters. That may soon change though as the upcoming episodes of the show may be the last in Ferrer?s run with the hit television show.

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According to News Everyday, there is some speculation that another character could be dying in the latter part of the show. This is definitely very intriguing and will have many fans watching closely as to what will happen.

This news comes as a big surprise but some fans are already speculating that it would be Miguel Ferrer?s character who will be killed off in the upcoming episodes. Some are even raising the possibility that NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 11 will be the final episode that fans will see Owen Granger.

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It will be interesting to see if indeed the show will kill Owen Granger in the upcoming episode. Fans will surely be watching out for this as the rumors of Miguel Ferrer and his alleged health issues continue to surface.

If indeed Ferrer can no longer continue because of his health problems, the show will certainly think of some interesting way to weave this into the Season 8 storyline. Fans will just have to wait and see to find out exactly how the show will say goodbye to one of the major characters in the show.

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