NBA Trade: Spurs Get David Lee as Team Tries to Patch Hole Left by Tim Duncan

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In NBA trade news, the San Antonio Spurs have reportedly signed six-foot-9 big man David Lee. This is the Spurs continuing to patch the hole left by franchise player Tim Duncan. The Spurs have already signed six-time All-Star player and two-time NBA Champion Pau Gasol. Lee with his impressive performance in his last stint as a Maverick looks to bolster the San Antonio bench.

Lee came from the Golden State Warriors in the previous offseason. He was traded to the Boston Celtics and midway to the Dallas Mavericks. As pointed out by Tyler Conway in his Bleacher Report article, Lee wasn?t that much productive when he was in Boston. He struggled to find playing time amongst younger players. In his last midseason NBA trade to the Mavericks, it seemed that he found his groove back.


He looked as if he got back to his previous form as an offensive force being a two-time All-Star. Lee, as recounted in a report by Mavs.com, now 33 years old came in as the 30th overall pick of the New York Knicks in the NBA Draft 2005. Lee had a career defining season in the 2009-2010 when he averaged 20.2 points, 11.7 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game. In July 9, 2010, he signed with the Warriors and helped them secure the NBA title.

His last campaign with the Mavericks was impressive and very promising. He helped pushed the team into the playoffs. Rick Carlisle, the head coach of the Mavericks, expressed that Lee was integral to the campaign. He said that ?We wouldn?t have got to the playoffs without David Lee??

Now, Lee will be donning the Spurs jersey and looks to be in better form since his Boston days. Shall we see a revitalized Lee? Will the Spurs get back into title contention? Leave your thoughts below.

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