NBA Trade Rumors: Who’ll Blink First, JR Smith Or The Cavs? Vince Carter Also Targeted By Cavs

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The Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has recently re-signed with the organization and it left only one more free agent on their championship lineup: J.R. Smith. If the shooter would decide not to play with the Cavs for the upcoming season, NBA Trade Rumor has it that the team will go after the veteran Vince Carter.

It can be recalled that the starting shooting guard of the squad has left for his honeymoon with new wife, Jewel Harris. Smith went away without signing a contract with the defending champs. According to reports, the Cavs have already offered the shooting guard a deal worth around $10 million per year. However, Smith reportedly wants a higher contract worth closer to $15 million each year.

If this case with Smith will be the same as last year, then the Cavs are expected to give what he demands. Last year, the organization had the same dilemma. James asked them to sign forward Tristan Thompson, but the latter wants a bigger salary, which at the end of the day, Cleveland agreed to. On the other hand, James also asked the management to re-sign Smith, which could end up similar to Thompson?s case a year ago.

Meanwhile, another NBA Trade Rumor that surrounds the defending champs is the possibility that they would sign Memphis Grizzlies? Vince Carter. That is if Smith would not re-sign with the organization. If ever, Carter will be coming off the bench while shooting guard Iman Shumpert will be a starter once more.

The 39-year-old veteran can be a great help for Cleveland in terms of offense. He is an effective slasher and a three-pointer as well. Although his athleticism when he was young has already faded out, his basketball IQ is still there which certainly can help the team. Also, on his end, it could lead to his very first championship ring at the end of the 2016-2017 season, which will be a great time for him to retire.

Aside from Carter, the Cavs are also reportedly going after the Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins. There are even reports claiming that all-star point guard Kyrie Irving is recruiting Cousins since they are both playing for Team USA in Rio Olympics 2016. But, they could not sign the big man directly as he is currently signed with the Kings, so for them to acquire him, they would have to offer the Kings a reasonable trade, which could involve Kevin Love.

As of now, it is still not clear whether or not Smith would re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But analysts believe that he would, and he is just waiting for the organization to agree with his demands.

How about you? Do you think Smith would join James again? Or, will he take his talents somewhere else? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more NBA Trade Rumors, stay tuned here on TheBitbag.

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