NBA Trade Rumors: Washington Wizards Possibly Exploring Trades for John Wall

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA trade rumors have become extremely intriguing as the 2016 NBA regular season progresses. With teams already knowing where they stand, many are either trying to acquire more talent to win now while some are already making plans for the future. One of the teams who could be active on the trade market in the coming months could be the Washington Wizards. This is because recent rumors reveal that the franchise is reportedly exploring trade options involving star point guard John Wall.

The Wizards certainly had high hopes of bouncing back this season after failing to make the playoffs last year. The start of their regular season this year though has not gone according to plan so far. The team is currently at the 11th spot in the Eastern Conference with a 11-14 win-loss record.

With the team currently performing less than what the franchise expected, it cannot be avoided that rumors will surface about possible changes to the roster. One recent rumor though involves franchise player John Wall which is certainly very surprising.

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John Wall Trade Being Explored by Wizards

According to a tweet from Larry Berger of USA Today, Washington is reportedly exploring moving John Wall. This is surely going to be very interesting as Wall has not been involved in many NBA trade rumors during his career.

His tenure with the team though has not translated to a lot of success so far. And the past two seasons has certainly made it clear that Washington may need to make a change to move in the right direction.

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Wizards Will Likely Have Multiple Trade Suitors for John Wall

The report did not reveal though just exactly who the Wizards are potentially targeting in a trade involving Wall. Certainly there will be a lot of suitors for the talented point guard and the Wizards will have a lot of options to choose from.

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This is still a developing story though so a lot could still happen between now and the February trade deadline. NBA fans would just have to sit back and wait for more updates on this and other exciting NBA trade rumors floating around in the league.

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