NBA Trade Rumors: Washington Wizards Marcin Gortat to Get Bumped Off by Ian Mahinmi? Maybe Not

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NBA trade rumors
Marcin Gortat NBA trade rumors

Of late, Washington Wizards? starting center Marcin Gortat has become the centre of NBA trade rumors especially since the team recently signed center Ian Mahinmi on a deal worth $64 million. This was the second major move for the Wizards this offseason, following the re-signing of shooting guard Bradley Beal for $128 million over five years.

Given the amount of money the Wizards splurged on improving their center position this summer, it seems pretty obvious that Gortat will be traded. With Mahinmi in the lineup, the Wizards will be a better defensive team than they were with Gortat on the floor.

After all, Mahinmi seems a better player as his defensive ratings the last four seasons were 98, 97, 100 and 100. He?s a better rim protector and rebounder than Gortat last season averaging 13.9 rebounds per 100 possessions. When Mahinmi?s minutes jumped to 25.6 last season, his offensive production increased and his defense remained at a high level.


Ian Mahinmi

But Gortat, who has spent his last three seasons with Washington, is still a pretty stable player as he posted averages of 13.5 points and 9.9 rebounds last year. Thus, he definitely would fetch a nice price in the open market, especially if a contending team needs help on centre.

According to FanSided, there are just a few teams remaining in the league that haven?t locked up a starting center. The Houston Rockets, Trail Blazers and New Orlean Pelicans are some of the only teams in the league that need to address that position. The deal could be used to improve on a core trio of John Wall, Bradley Beal and Markieff Moris.

However, according to CSN Mid-Atlantic’s J. Michael, the Wizards have no interest in trading away Marcin Gortat despite their signing of Ian Mahinmi.

He said that ?Multiple league sources, as late as Friday night, told that it?s not in the cards to make a move with the 6’11” center because of Ian Mahinmi?s signing (four years, $64 million). Of course, it’s never safe to say never but as for now that appears to be the case.?

Marcin Gortat

Since Gortat is on a great deal, trading him won?t makes sense as he is only making $12 million this season, which accounts for mere 12.7 percent of the current salary cap. Also Wizards wouldn?t be able to sign someone as good as him with the money they?d get back.

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