NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors To Get Aging Players David West, Ray Allen

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As the free agency continues in the NBA, different NBA Trade Rumors and news continue to circulate, and the most recent one is involving power forward David West as he agreed to sign with the Golden State Warriors in a one-year contract.

Just when you thought the Golden State Warriors 2016-2017 roster could not get any stronger, West decided to join the organization for a minimum contract of $1.55 million. Although he can still earn more money than that, he decided to take the offer probably for the possible championship the team might get in the upcoming season.

It can be recalled that last year, West also did the same thing when he signed a minimum contract with the San Antonio Spurs. The decision of the former Indiana Pacers star did not come as a surprise though because his career is already approaching its end and he definitely wants a ring before retiring.

For the Warriors, it is indeed a big catch because after they have signed small forward Kevin Durant, they now have to look for talents who will not demand much in terms of money. The Golden State had to give up starting center Andrew Bogut and put Festus Ezeli and Harrison Barnes on the list of restricted free agents just to make room for the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar.

Many experts have thought that because of the money Golden State is spending on Durant, they would never get a quality big man on their roster. However, what came as a surprise is that aside from the acquisition of West, the Warriors also managed to add center Zaza Pachulia on their roster with a $2.9 million contract. It somehow indicates that a shot at the title is always greater than money for some players.

Furthermore, another NBA Trade Rumor involving the Dubs is their reported interest on getting Ray Allen out of retirement. According to reports, the organization has been trying to get the great shooting guard back on the court since 2014. However, the main concern if this happens is Allen?s age.

Although there are posts stating that Allen is still in shape to play, his age of 41 would really be felt inside the hardcourt. Running around the gym and lifting some weights are definitely different from guarding top athletes around the NBA. But, if the Warriors would really acquire Allen, can you imagine four great shooters (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant) stepping on the court at the same time and on the same team?

Signing Allen is really going to create noise around the league, however, the real question is – what can the Warriors do to get Allen out of retirement? Certainly, only time can tell.

On the other hand, after Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder, fans are wondering who would take on the spot. TheBitBag recently reported that there are two options for the team – Harrison Barnes and Rudy Gay. But, as Barnes already signed with the Dallas Mavericks, OKC is expected to go after Gay and offer the Sacramento Kings young athletes and draft picks just to acquire the small forward.

With all these NBA Trade Rumors and news around the league, the outcome when the dust settles will be very interesting. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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