NBA Trade Rumors: Timberwolves to Trade Ricky Rubio?

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NBA Trade Rumors

NBA trade rumors are becoming stronger and stronger as every day of the offseason passes. There have already been a number of superstar players rumored to be on the trade block. This time, you can add Minnesota Timberwolves star guard Ricky Rubio to the list.

Minnesota has always been an exciting team, and Rubio has a lot to do with it. The flashy point guard dishes out some amazing assists, which certainly make the game exciting for fans. Great assists and exciting passes, though, do not always equate to wins. This is why the Timberwolves organization could be putting Rubio on the trade block as they try to rebuild their roster.

According to ESPN, talk of Rubio being traded continues to be strong especially with Minnesota drafting talented point guard Kris Dunn with the 5th overall pick in last month?s NBA Draft. Many people were wondering why the T-Wolves would draft another point guard with Rubio on the roster. The reason may very well be because Rubio could be heading out of the Twin Cities even before the season starts.

Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press reports that Rubio?s lack of shooting may be a potential reason why the team may want to move on from Rubio. Head coach Tom Thibodeau may want to have a shooting point guard that can help draw attention away from Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. As it stands, opponents simply slack off when Rubio is outside the three-point line thus making it tough for Towns and other T-Wolves big men to get spacing in the paint.

It is still pretty early in the offseason, so it remains to be seen what Minnesota plans to do with Rubio. One thing is for certain, wherever he will land, Ricky will surely bring a lot of excitement and showtime to his new team.

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