NBA Trade Rumors: Talks for DeMarcus Cousins Trade to Boston Celtics Already Starting?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA Trade Rumors surrounding Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins continue to swirl as the season continues. The Kings center who is nicknamed Boogie has been involved in countless trade rumors over the past several months. This has made his fans very intrigued to find out if the All-star will indeed be switching jerseys before the season ends. If the recent rumors are true, it appears that the rumored Boogie to Boston trade could actually be happening soon.

Cousins has had a busy off-season as he won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics with Team USA. Now, he is faced with a tough task of trying to push the Kings team to make the playoffs. Cousins has always been very competitive and with Sacramento not getting the W?s that he desires, it may be a matter of time before he wants out of Sactown.

With his contract already set to expire at the end of next season, many believe that the Kings will trade Boogie rather than see him leave during free agency. One team which has been linked to a possible Cousins trade is Boston and the recent rumor is that talks could already be underway.

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Boogie to Boston Trade Talks Already Underway?

According to a recent tweet by sports anchor Adam Kaufman, he has heard rumblings with other teams around the league that there is traction on a possible Cousins trade to the Celtics. His tweet says, ?Basically, there are some other teams around #NBA that believe there’s traction on Boogie deal…but not a #Celtics or #Kings source. FWIW.?

Kaufman does not elaborate on who the sources are but certainly it could indicate that a third team may be involved in a possible Cousins trade to the Celtics. Cousins has been vocal about wanting to win, and Boston would certainly be a great destination for him to achieve this.

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Could DeMarcus Cousins Trade to Happen Before End of Season?

While the recent rumor is indeed very interesting, Kaufman himself warns that he is not reporting that a trade between the Kings and the Celtics is imminent. NBA fans should continue to monitor this developing story though as it could unfold in the coming weeks or months.

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