NBA Trade Rumors Stephen Curry: Will Steph Leave The Warriors?

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Next year?s free agency will be huge for every team in the NBA. The 2015-2016 runner up Golden State Warriors will not be an exemption as their main man Stephen Curry becomes an unrestricted free agent. NBA trade rumors claim that the reigning MVP would sign with a different team. What team could it be?

Considering his contract this year, there is indeed a possibility that Curry would want a higher salary next year. As of the moment, he has the lowest income compared to Warriors? other stars (Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green). If next year would be the same, the all-star point guard will certainly look for better opportunities.

The reigning MVP recently talked with Charlotte Observer and shared that he is not ruling out the possibility of playing with the Charlotte Hornets. Curry has a lot of history in the city. It is where his father Dell Curry played for and it is where his old man is working right now.

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Now, the news portal asked the younger Curry if he is considering signing with the organization next year. The Warriors? guard simply answered, ?I don?t know.? Clearly, it is too early for NBA trade rumors to predict what will happen in the next free agency. But the reigning MVP is not ruling anything out.

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Furthermore, Curry mentioned that he would have loved playing for Charlotte. But he clarified that it is still early to know the situation next summer. If Charlotte Hornets would offer him a very generous contract in the Summer of 2017, there is a possibility that he would go home there and play for the city.

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On a good note, Warriors fans have nothing to worry about. For sure, the organization will match or even make a greater offer just to make sure Curry will stay in the Bay. Also, the adjustment of the salary cap next year is a good indication that the reigning MVP will get the money he truly deserves.

According to reports, Golden State will make Curry the highest paid athlete next year as the salary cap moves to $107 million. Should that be the case, there is no way Curry would sign with another team especially if they will win the championship this year.

How about you? Do you think Stephen Curry will really leave the Golden State Warriors next year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more NBA trade rumors, stay tuned here on TheBitbag.


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