NBA Trade Rumors: Russell Westbrook Also Leaving OKC for LA Lakers?

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Russell Westbrook

Is Russell Westbrook also leaving the Oklahoma City (OKC) Thunder? After losing Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, will the Thunder also lose its remaining star in Russell Westbrook? This because the latest NBA trade rumors have it that Westbrook will now be suiting up for the Los Angeles Lakers. ?

The Thunder may still be reeling from the shock of having their star small forward Durant signing with the Warriors, a transfer made more painful by the fact that the Warriors is the same team that denied them a chance at the NBA 2016 title. Now, Westbrook is said to be transferring to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for another Russell, D?Angelo Russell.

The OKC does not really have the time to dwell on losing Durant as much as they want to as they have to make a decision fast. Not only do they have to decide on getting a replacement for Durant, but they will also have to decide on whether or not to trade their remaining star Russell Westbrook.

Given that Oklahoma built their team around Durant, now, whomever and whatever they decide to do to compensate for Durant?s departure will have to depend on whether or not Westbrook will remain a Thunder. Not that they could really find a good replacement for KD but they have to at least try to have a shot of entering the playoffs again in the upcoming season. Without Westbrook, their chances seem nil but that could depend on who they can trade him with, that is if they decide to trade him.

Russell and KD

With KD?s departure, it seems that the Thunder is in a bigger dilemma. Should they trade Westbrook and lose their remaining star or should they wait next year when Westbrook becomes an unrestricted free agent. This could mean a deja vu for the Thunder as they could lose Westbrook in much the same way they just lost Durant wherein they got practically nothing. Remember that Westbrook could become the top unrestricted free agent next year, much like Durant also this year.

Aside from the Lakers, other teams looking to get Russell Westbrook are the Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Chicago Bulls. ? ?

Rumor has it that the Thunder is working on filling the void that Durant left with either Sacramento Kings Rudy Gay or Golden State Warriors Harrison Barnes, who is currently a restricted free agent. However, the Dallas Mavericks have already snapped up Barnes, so the Thunder is now left with Gay.

Should the OKC Thunder work now in extending Russell Westbrook?s contract? Should they trade him now or should they wait for him to become a free agent and risk the same situation as that with Durant now play out again.

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