NBA Trade Rumors: Rudy Gay To Leave Sacramento Kings To Join Chicago Bulls Or Miami Heat?

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The NBA trade rumors continue as the offseason is in the last batch of free agent signing. Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay has emerged as the biggest names as Kings are rumored to move Gay along with Kosta Koufos and Ben McLemore. If it happens, Chicago Bulls would be the best choice for Gay.

Chicago Bulls has already pulled Dwyane Wade away from the Miami Heat. The trade for Gay highly depends on the salary room as Bulls are expected to use most of their budget on Wade and Rondo. Dwyane Wade is expected to sign the two year contract with Bulls for $48 million while Rondo is expected to get $28 million for 2 years.

ESPN has reported that Chicago Bulls will save $11 million if they end up the contract with Rondo after on year. So, it is highly likely that the Bulls will go for Gay.

According to FanSided, other possible teams that Gay could go for includes Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat and the Toronto Raptors. Because of limited budget Bulls have to wait for the decision of these teams. If any of these teams don?t sign the contract with Gay, then Bulls will sign a contract with him.

Boston Celtics have a bunch of young players and Gay?s presence would add experience to the team. Gay has already proven his abilities this season and can help Boston in defence. There are chances that Boston Celtics could acquire Gay from Sacramento Kings.

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Houston Rockets is another team that should be interesting. They have strong offence with Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson. Gay can join the them and will provide the defence as well.

Miami Heat has lost his shooting guard Dwyane Wade. The team is still strong with Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic, Chris Bosh and Justise Winslow. However, Bosh?s health is one of the biggest concerns for Miami Heat. There are chances that Heat could sign Gay to replace Bosh.


Gay has already played for the Houston Rockets. Although the team is already strong, they can add more depth by signing Gay. According to FanSided, adding Gay would increase the chances of Rockets to be on the top of the Eastern Conference.

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