NBA Trade Rumors: Ricky Rubio To Be Traded to the Kings for Rudy Gay?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA trade rumors just keep on getting more and more exciting as the 2016 regular season continues. One team, which has been at the center of many trade rumors, is the Sacramento Kings. With so many possible trade pieces, the Kings have been linked to multiple trade rumors. The most recent rumor involves Sacramento possibly trading for Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio, which should definitely make Kings fans very excited.

Ricky Rubio has always been a flashy point guard who has wowed fans with his brilliant passing. His talents though have not really translated to wins for the Minnesota Timberwolves. This has caused him to be constantly linked to the NBA trade rumors.

The recent rumor involving Rubio has the Spanish point guard possibly getting traded to the Sacramento Kings. According to Yahoo Sports, the Kings are very interested in acquiring Rubio. The Wolves though are still contemplating whether they will indeed trade away their starting guard.

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At the moment, Rubio is out with an elbow injury, which could be the perfect time for the Kings to try and trade for Rubio. Rookie point guard Kris Dunn is starting for the Wolves, and he has done a decent job in the role. This could motivate Minnesota in finally trading Rubio.

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One player that the Kings can offer to the Wolves is veteran forward Rudy Gay. Gay could really be a great fit for the young Timberwolves team.

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With a team full of young players led by Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, Gay would be able to give veteran leadership that the team desperately needs. It could be the difference that can help the Wolves push for a playoff spot.

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Rubio on the other hand would be in a great spot with the Kings. Sacramento has been looking for an elite point guard and Rubio would be a perfect fit for them.

It is not known though if the Timberwolves and the Kings have rekindled trade talks surrounding Rubio, though surely fans are hoping that it will end up happening sooner rather than later. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more NBA trade rumors as well as other news and updates in the world of the NBA.

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