NBA Trade Rumors: Recent Tweets Confirm Nerlens Noel to Boston Celtics Trade Soon?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA trade rumors just keep getting louder and louder as the NBA regular season draws closer. The schedule for the 2016-17 NBA season has already been released and it is only a couple of months before the new season tips off. With so many teams wanting to improve their roster, several key players such as Nerlens Noel have been a part of persistent trade rumors. The recent NBA trade rumors though have Noel potentially being traded to Boston based on the recent tweets from the Sixers forward.

The Philadelphia 76ers have not been a very good team in a long time. Now though they have the potential to improve drastically with rookie phenom Ben Simmons on the roster. The addition of Simmons with the first pick in this year?s NBA Draft has given the team a versatile point-forward who can run the team effectively. Unfortunately, it has also created a logjam at the forward spot which is why Nerlens Noel could be on his way out.

In a recent tweet via his official Twitter account, Nerlens Noel expressed his love for Boston. In his tweet he said ?I’m blessed to be from Boston. Love my city.? He likewise changed his avatar from a picture of him in a Sixers jersey to a plain black rectangle.

The recent news is very interesting considering that Noel has been reportedly offered by the Sixers via a trade to free up some minutes for Ben Simmons. It is worth noting that Sixers were reportedly talking with Boston about a Nerlens Noel trade a couple of months ago.

NBA Trade Rumors

A lot of things have changed though since that time as Boston has acquired All-star Al Horford via free agency. Still, even with Horford on the roster there is certainly still room for Noel if indeed his recent tweets point to him getting traded to Boston. Al Horford can play both power forward and center so the two can certainly play together on the floor.

It ultimately boils down to how bad the Celtics want to get Noel. This is still a developing story so be sure to check back soon to find out more about the Nerlens Noel trade drama.

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