NBA Trade Rumors: Paul George to be Traded to Detroit Pistons for Andre Drummond?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA trade rumors are expected to become even more intriguing as the regular season continues its grind. Many NBA superstars are constantly being linked to the trade rumors. The recent NBA trade rumors now include two of the young superstars who are taking the league by storm as a Paul George and Andre Drummond swap could happen.

Paul George and Andre Drummond are certainly two of the up and coming stars in the NBA. George has come up big for the Indiana Pacers for the last couple of seasons and he won a gold medal with Team USA this summer. Drummond on the other hand is leading the Detroit Pistons in trying to make the playoffs in the East.

Paul George for Andre Drummond Trade Happening Soon?

Now there is talk that these two stars could be swapped if the recent NBA trade rumors are to be believed. According to Yahoo Sports, a possible trade involving Paul George and Monta Ellis of the Indiana Pacers and Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson from the Pistons could happen.

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This is certainly a very big trade if it ends up happening as it involves some of the biggest young talent in the league. Drummond would provide the Pacers with a legitimate post threat in addition to Myles Turner. They already have a very talented frontcourt as it stands and the addition of Drummond would make them even better.

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Top Teams in the East?

Paul George on the other hand will be able to take a leadership role with the up and coming Pistons. He may have to adjust playing together with another swingman in Tobias Harris but surely the superstar will make it work.

This possible trade is surely going to cause a major shift in the Eastern conference. Both teams are hoping to make a strong playoff run and compete for a title. With this trade they could be one step closer to achieving their goals.

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