NBA Trade 2016 Rumors: OKC to Trade Russell Westbook to Los Angeles Lakers?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The latest NBA trade rumors suggests a potential trade that would send oklahoma City Thunder?s Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers next season.

The NBA Free Agency 2016 has really had a huge impact on the entire league. Undoubtedly, the biggest offseason win was made by the Golden State Warriors when they signed superstar forward Kevin Durant to a two-year deal. This decision has left Oklahoma City very disappointed and scrambling to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Durant?s departure. One rumor spreading is that OKC may look to trade its energetic point guard Russell Westbrook and one potential destination is Hollywood.

With Kobe Bryant already retired, the Lakers may be looking to find a new face for the franchise. While the team already have two up and coming guards in Jordan Clarkson and D?Angelo Russell, the addition of Russell Westbrook alone will place the Lakers in contention for a playoff spot in the West.

FoxSports has mentioned that Westbrook?s contract with OKC will end next year. The team may look to trade him now to at least receive valuable assets in return for the dynamic guard. If the latter is something that the Thunder management will consider, a potential swap to the Lakers will certainly be very appealing. According to Bleacher Report, the Los Angeles Lakers may have interest in trading for Westbrook and are looking for a way to acquire the point guard.

A trade for the young players of L.A. such as Clarkson, Russell, Julius Randle or Larry Nance will certainly give OKC some pieces to rebuild once more. That approach, though, will take time and a lot of trips to the NBA Draft Lottery. Still, it is one scenario that the Oklahoma City Thunder are undoubtedly considering at this time.

Russell Westbrook to LA Lakers

Will Russell Westbrook stay with the Thunder or will he be wearing the purple and gold in Hollywood next season? Be sure to check back here soon to find more NBA Trade Rumors and news as well as other trending topics in the NBA.

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