NBA Trade Rumors: OKC to Trade Westbrook to Celtics?

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NBA Trade Rumors

Russell Westbrook has been a hot topic for NBA Trade Rumors ever since his partner Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City to join the Warriors. Now, the latest rumor suggests that OKC may be looking to deal Westbrook in a blockbuster trade which could involve the up and coming Boston Celtics.

Westbrook is going to become a highly sought after free agent at the end of the upcoming season. This is certainly reason enough for OKC to consider trading the explosive point guard. With Durant walking away to join Golden State, Oklahoma City surely cannot afford to have their other All-star leave the team without nothing in return.

According to Rotoworld, the Celtics are reportedly close to making a huge trade. This is certainly a very likely scenario, given that Boston has failed to close a deal to acquire Nerlens Noel during the NBA Draft. Now with Al Horford?already on board via free agency, the Celtics may look to boost their backcourt with Westbrook instead.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report has cited that Westbrook could be traded ?sooner rather than later? and that the most likely destination for the superstar would be the Boston Celtics. The report mentions that Boston has a great combination of young talent and upcoming draft picks which can certainly help land an All-star caliber player.

With Durant gone, Oklahoma City must think long and hard on what they plan to do with their roster. They can try to get more talent via free agency but the market is pretty dried up right now. The next best option would be to trade Westbrook for young players and draft picks and then start a rebuild much like they did in the past which got them Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in the first place.

A Westbrook trade to Boston will certainly make the Celtics huge favorites in the East and could surely compete with the Cavs for the top seed. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news on this developing story.


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