NBA Trade Rumors: OKC Not Trading Westbrook, Will Target Blake Griffin in Free Agency Next?

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NBA Trade Rumors

There have been countless NBA Trade Rumors regarding Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook. Ever since Kevin Durant announced that he was going to sign with the Warriors, many insiders have floated the idea that OKC is going to trade Westbrook. Recent reports though reveal that the Thunder may have another plan. Their plan is to build a super team with Westbrook and another star player.

The situation with Russell Westbrook is certainly complicated. He is going to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of next season, which means he can walk away and sign with any team if he does not agree to a contract extension. This has fueled rumors that OKC may be looking to trade him instead, so that they will at least get something in return for the All-star.

A more recent report from CBSSports though reveal that the Thunder may be leaning on keeping Russell Westbrook instead. Several teams such as the Boston Celtics have been linked to a potential Westbrook trade but it appears that OKC wants the energetic point guard to stay with the team.

If the report is indeed true, the next question is how can they convince Westbrook to stay on? Well, Blake Griffin may be the answer. Yes, the Clippers? Blake Griffin is going to be a free agent next year. Like Westbrook, he has likewise been rumored to be on the trading block. If the Clippers though cannot find a trade that works for them, Griffin could be the best free agent target next offseason.

NBA Trade Rumors

OKC is reportedly planning on signing Griffin as a free agent next year to partner him with Westbrook. That is certainly a very huge goal but Thunder General Manager Sam Presti is someone who can make things happen. A Griffin-Westbrook dynamic duo is definitely an exciting thing to watch. OKC fans are surely keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that this rumor becomes a reality next season.

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