NBA Trade Rumors: NBA Execs Don’t Believe DeMarcus Cousins Will Stay with Sacramento Kings?

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NBA Trade Rumors

DeMarcus Cousins has always found ways of grabbing NBA headlines. Whether it be because of his on court behavior or his off court antics, he has always been one of the most talked about player in the league. One of the reasons why that is so is because he is frequently involved in many NBA trade rumors floating around.

Several months before, Cousins was a hot topic in NBA trade talks. It could have been sparked by his immature behavior which made him one of the top players in the league for getting technical fouls. His criticism of the coaching situation in Sacramento could also be a reason. It appears that the DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors are not going to stop as a recent report has revealed that other NBA executives do not see Cousins staying in Sacramento for long.

According to CBSSports, one league executive was quoted as saying that ?They?re (Sacramento Kings) fooling themselves if they think he?s sticking around. The good news for them is his value will always be high.?

This is certainly a very stark contrast to what the Kings have been saying recently that they are not planning on trading DeMarcus Cousins. If the sentiments of other league execs are any indication, it appears that the Sacramento franchise have a huge decision to make.

NBA Trade Rumors

If indeed Cousins will leave the Kings once his contract ends, the franchise is better off trading the big man so at least they will get something in return. That is the predicament that the Kings will likely be in the near future. The good thing about Cousins is that despite the maturity concerns, many teams are still vying for his services.

There were previous NBA trade rumors that he could be swapped to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kevin Love. Other NBA teams have likewise expressed their interest in acquiring the big man via trade. If the prediction of the other league executives are going to happen, we may see the Kings softening their stance on trading Cousins before long.

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