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NBA Trade Rumors: Why Is LeBron James Delaying To Renew His Contract With The Cavs?

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The defending champions Cleveland Cavaliers is certainly going to be a tough contender come next season as they eye to protect their crown and claim their second Larry O?brien trophy next summer. However, their main man LeBron James has still not signed with the organization, what could be the reason behind it?

First of all, just for clarifications, although there is still no specific date, the all-star forward is definitely going to sign with the Cavs. Now, speaking of the delay, there are several reasons that might shed some lights on the issue.

The most probable reason why James is still not signing with Cleveland is to make room for the organization?s salary cap. He has done it two years in a row that led to the team?s acquisition of key players such as forward Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, and Richard Jefferson. According to reports, the reigning Finals MVP is likely to sign with the team when the roster is already complete.

On the other hand, another possible reason is that he is still reviewing all his options before signing a contract with the Cavaliers. According to the league rules, the star has several deal choices, including a one year $27.6 million contract, which he had signed for the past two seasons. Or, James could sign a multiyear deal that could make him the league?s highest-paid athlete with $30.9 million each year. However, that could not be the reason behind the hold up, because knowing LeBron James, he probably has chosen already what deal he wants to sign.

Meanwhile, another NBA Trade Rumor that has surface around the league is whether or not shooting guard J.R. Smith will return to the Cavs. Recent reports revealed that the organization and Smith are still in negotiations but remain ?apart on terms.? But on a good note, Cavaliers general manager David Griffin told ESPN that he is ?very confident? that they would work out a deal to re-sign the shooting guard.

Another thing that the Cavs should be thinking about is the deal they would offer to head coach Tyronn Lue, who led the team to their very first NBA Championship. It can be recalled that Lue was promoted to head coach in January to replace David Blatt. They agreed to a 3-year deal but he actually did not sign anything. According to sources, the two parties have already been talking about a new contract since June but have yet landed on the same page.

Again, to make everything clear, LeBron James is going to re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers soon, so there is really no need for the fans to worry about it. There you have it! The latest NBA Trade Rumors surrounding the defending champs. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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