NBA Trade Rumors: Klay Thompson Leaves Warriors Due To Kevin Durant?

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For quite some time now, Klay Thompson has been the center of several NBA trade rumors. After Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors, there were speculations that the all-star shooting guard will soon leave the Bay. Question is, would he really take his talents out of Golden State?

Durant has been the greatest addition to the Warriors roster this summer. However, it is a known fact that the organization had to sacrifice a bunch of their athletes just to clear some salary cap space. Also, it would not be just about money for the team. It is also about the playing time of some key players.

Speaking of, it is very noticeable that Durant is getting a lot of isolation plays. This is not the typical play of Golden State as they are known for moving the ball very well. As a result, Thompson and the other players playing with KD just tend to watch him take on his defender.

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Obviously, this Big 4 era (Thompson, Durant, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green) is not going very well for Thompson. He is sacrificing a lot of ball time when Durant is on the court. He is not making the same amount of shots compared to last season.

Now, fans understand that these isolation plays are intended to keep Durant satisfied in playing with Golden State. But in return, it seems like Thompson is not happy anymore. NBA trade rumors even suggest that Thompson have already had enough and he would soon demand a trade.

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On a good note, these are just rumors circulating online. In fact, based on statistics, Thompson is not sacrificing at all. Last season, he is averaging 17.3 shots per game. This season, he is taking an average of 16.7 shots, and that is only one shot less compared to last year.

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In terms of scoring, the all-star guard has an average this year of 20.7 points. In the Steve Kerr era, that is Thompson?s lowest compared to 21.7 (?14-?15) and 22.1 (?15-?16). However, it is not because he is taking less shots than usual. It is mainly a result of him missing a lot of attempts.

As for Thompson leaving the Warriors, that is unlikely to happen. Maybe next year, but this season, it is not possible. With the way they are performing right now, enjoying a 12-game streak, they are again one of the favorites to reach the NBA Finals next summer. Thompson would certainly not let go of that chance to win another ring.

However, if this season would not end up with a championship, Thompson might leave the Bay to play for a squad where he is the focus of the offense. His potentials are pretty obvious and the fact that he is still young would give the idea that someday he would carry a team on his own.

How about you? Do you think Klay Thompson would really leave the Golden State Warriors? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more NBA trade rumors, stay tuned here on TheBitbag.


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