NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love Trade to Houston Rockets for Ryan Anderson Confirmed?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA Trade Rumors are starting to heat up as the regular season is already in its third week. Countless teams are trying to improve their rosters to try and compete for a championship. This has made many NBA superstars part of the many trade rumors that are floating around. The most recent NBA trade rumor involves Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, who could end up joining James Harden and the Rockets very soon.

Kevin Love has been at the center of countless NBA trade rumors over the past couple of years. While the Cavaliers are saying that they do not plan on trading the forward, many are speculating that he could still be moved sooner rather than later.

According to SB Nation, there is an NBA trade rumor that has the Cleveland Cavaliers trading Kevin Love to the Houston Rockets for forward Ryan Anderson. This may be surprising to some considering that both players play the same position. Still, Love has had a rough time in Cleveland recently. So, the Cavs may want to find a reliable scorer to partner with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

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If indeed Love is dealt to the Rockets, it would give him a huge boost in terms of his scoring output. With newly anointed point guard James Harden focusing more on passing this season, Love could surely improve his scoring right away.

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Ryan Anderson, on the other hand, could fill in the role of Kevin Love in the Cavaliers rotation. Anderson is a prolific 3-point shooter and could be just what the Cavs need to stretch the defense. Anderson would also be able to help in rebounding and passing, although he does not play a lot of defense much like Kevin Love.

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It is unsure though if the two teams are indeed talking about this possible trade at the moment. The teams have previously talked about it in the past although now may be the perfect time to pull off a trade.

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