NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love May Be Traded For Nerlens Noel, Here’s Why

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Kevin Love NBA Trade Rumors
NBA Trade Rumors

While NBA free agency frenzy seems to be over for now, there are still few trade rumblings going on and Cleveland Cavaliers? Kevin Love seems to be caught at the center of these rumors.

Apparently fans are not ready to let Kevin Love off the hook; since he joined the Cavs he has been criticized a lot. Even though he helped Cavs win the NBA championship title, he was constantly attacked by Curry and other Warriors in NBA Finals making him the weakest chink in the armor. So Love?s definitive role in the franchise remains a big question.

Cavs are apparently looking to trade Love but aren?t kind of sure as to who to trade him with. However, with Golden State Warriors signing Kevin Durant, Cavs aim to reposition themselves by building up their defensive support. Since Cavs already have superstar of LeBron James as well as his teammate Kyrie Irving, both of whom are also good at offense, they should add a big player to their defense.

A favorable situation for Cavs therefore would be to trade Love to the Philadelphia 76ers for a pair of their standout centers, particularly Nerlens Noel.

Though Noel doesn?t possess offensive skills, he makes up for this with his remarkable defensive expertise. In his two-year NBA career, Noel has averaged 1.7 blocks and 1.8 steals per game. Hence, Noel would extremely be valuable to the Cleveland.

Love on the other hand would give the 76ers a star-caliber player to build their game around, something they desperately need as they attempt to build from the ground up. As well he would help clear up the Sixers crowded roster that includes centers Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid, and rookie Dario Saric.

Meanwhile, several other rumors paint an altogether different picture. Apparently Cavs could deal with Atlanta Hawks to send Paul Millsap to the Cleveland in exchange for Love.

The Hawks approaches the 2016-2017 regular season with a revamped roster after losing Al Horford to free agency this summer. Though the team has successfully added a defensive center in Dwight Howard, it is unlikely to fill the void left by Horford on the offensive end.

In Love Cleveland could have a versatile forward essential for their back-to-back title bid. Love could possibly become the Hawks’ top scoring option since the team would give him enough room to play on his own, unlike Cavs where he was totally under pressure.

So Kevin Love remains the centre of controversial rumors and while Cavs had hinted earlier not to trade him, things could pretty much change for him.

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