NBA Trade Rumors: Kenneth Faried Trade to New Orleans Pelicans Happening Soon?

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NBA Trade Rumors

Several NBA trade rumors continue to surface every now and then, with almost every team wanting to beef up their roster before the new season starts. Kenneth Faried has been one of the names frequently involved in many trade rumors and this time he is being linked to another potential trade. If the latest NBA trade rumors are true, Faried could potentially end up in a Pelicans jersey before the season starts.

Kenneth Faried is an explosive power forward with an excellent talent for rebounding. He has been a big part of the Denver Nuggets rotation in the past years but last season he found himself lost in the rotation. With several talented forwards in Danilo Gallinari, Nikola Jokic and Joffrey Lauvergne all stepping up, Faried recorded a dip in his minutes on the floor. With so many forwards, it is no wonder why Denver is looking to move the guy everyone calls ?The Manimal?.

According to TheBirdWrites, one team that has interest in Kenneth Faried is the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans already have a budding superstar in Anthony Davis but they have little talent in the frontcourt aside from him.

The addition of Faried will certainly help the Pelicans with their pace, given that both he and Davis are athletic forwards that can run the floor effectively. The two were teammates in Team USA back in 2014 so chemistry is not going to be a problem.

Kenneth Faried

The Nuggets on the other hand may be looking to get some more scoring in exchange for Faried. Tyreke Evans has shown glimpses of his potential in the past but his injury history could scare away other teams. If the Nuggets want to take a gamble on a talented combo guard, Evans would be a perfect fit in the Nuggets offense.

There is still no confirmation yet if the Pelicans and the Nuggets are serious about the trade, but it certainly makes sense for both teams if they go ahead with it. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about this developing story as well as for other news on NBA trade rumors.

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